Nitish Roy Design & Media

NITISH ROY DESIGN AND MEDIA is a company which provides it’s clients with the latest of design in architecture, theming, stylization and concept in materializing any new project. It also provides new visions in restoration of old structures at the same time. Shedding off what is old and dilapidated and giving something a new form out of it is something which it is and expert in. it’s one of it’s forte. Keeping pace with new designs and latest technology, it can just make miracles starting from zero. No client has ever returned less than happy with our creative output and execution of projects. It’s renounce is not just limited within national boundary but exceeds to international level. It is not just architecture or theming it has kept itself limited within but it has also made it’s mark in films and television productions in numerous films by biggest of banners of regional, national and international productions. Fabricating and erecting fabulous film sets and structures has been one of it’s field of expertise amongst other things. It has numerous awards in its cashe in this field. Even Hollywood projects like GLADIATOR, DEATH ROLL, BENGAL LANCERS furnish the list of international achievements.